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語言 Star 名稱 描述
Python392 facebookresearch/maskrcnn-benchmark Fast, modular reference implementation of Semantic Segmentation and Object Detection algorithms in PyTorch.
JavaScript111 gruns/irondb :nut_and_bolt: A relentless key-value store for the browser.
C#86 BoundingBoxSoftware/Materialize Materialize is a program for converting images to materials for use in video games and whatnot
Python38 pyn3rd/CVE-2018-3245 CVE-2018-3245-PoC
C++36 shalithasuranga/timercpp Javascript like setTimeout and setInterval for c++ developers
JavaScript15 sergiodxa/react-lazy-memo CRA with Suspense, lazy and memo usage demo app
Python12 ml5js/training-word2vec How to train your own word2vec model for use with ml5.js
CSS11 apachecn/pyda-2e-zh :book: [譯] 利用 Python 進行數據分析 · 第 2 版
HTML11 thomasp85/plotting_benchmark Investigating R graphics performance
Python10 jas502n/CVE-2018-3191 CVE-2018-3191
Python10 Python3WebSpider/DouYin Api of DouYin for humans
JavaScript9 Protobulb/nightMode Add a 'Dark Mode' to Any React.js Project
Go9 tidwall/tinybtree Just an itsy bitsy b-tree in Go
C++8 nicebyte/nicegraf-shaderc A wrapper for shaderc and spriv-cross
Ruby8 exwarvlad/expensestracker Web App — https://expensestracker.xyz
Swift8 AAkira/KotlinNativeSample KotlinNativeSampleProject, Android, iOS
JavaScript7 umijs/umi-plugin-gh-pages umi plugin to publish to Github pages.
Python6 hackping/TNTPDscan 一款集http端口掃描和目錄批量掃描為一體的自動化工具
JavaScript6 sindresorhus/lungo-cli Control the Lungo app from the command-line
PHP6 hcymysql/sqlops SQL自動審核-自助上線平臺
C#6 Azure99/OpenJudger Open source, lightweight, cross platform, universal Program Judger.
PHP5 liesauer/SSRSubscribe 這是一個用PHP寫的小小的酸酸乳訂閱。
Swift5 chengaojian/AppCodaExample AppCoda學習記錄(Swift.4.2/Xcode10/iOS12)
JavaScript5 21centurymotorcompany/bitsocketd Message Bus for Bitcoin
Assembly5 OsandaMalith/PESecInfo A simple tool to view important DLL Characteristics and change DEP and ASLR
JavaScript5 feyyazakkus/vue-todo-app A simple todo app built with Vue.js and Semantic UI
Shell5 msfidelis/roleta-russa :gun: Roleta russa do bash :gun: Jogue em containers :whale:, ou nos servers de produ??o. Cada um com suas prioridades.
Rust5 WeakKnight/shader_toy_playground a shadertoy shader playground based on rust language
Objective-C4 zhukai9018774/KKChannelView 仿UC頭條的頭部滑動組件
JavaScript4 danilowoz/create-vue-content-loader :pencil2: Tool to create your own content loader easily in Vue.
Python4 UNSW-Society-of-Statistics/UNSW-StatSoc-Website Repository for the UNSW Society of Statistics website (Including back-end).
JavaScript4 Ronald9/MyMarry forked from pengMaster/marry
Rust4 DenisKolodin/rusty Minimal Rust Application Template - dotenv, clap, log, config
Java3 cj7865794408/MoErDuo_Music_Lib 磨耳朵播放器開源庫
Vue3 tumobi/nideadmin NideAdmin - 基于 Vue.js + iView 的后臺管理基礎框架
JavaScript3 A2Z-hq/a2z-backend backend of a2z web app
C3 KrzysztofSzewczyk/Euboea Euboea is blazingly fast and small programming language compiled JIT to Machine code.
Python3 vimiix/move_qiniuyun_to_alioss ??七牛云數據遷移到阿里OSS自動化工具
Objective-C3 BoYuanEngineer/Dispute-photography Dispute photography
Dockerfile3 daaru00/gitlab-runners-local Run Gitlab runners locally
JavaScript3 HsuanXyz/nz-ssvgg NG-ZORRO Super SVG generator
C3 DerekSelander/lldb_fix Fix for LLDB (in Xcode 10) which incorrectly imports the wrong API headers
JavaScript3 zhangporco/lemon-tree js tree 樹 操作
Python3 Firmaprim/MTbot Code source du bot du Discord de Mathraining
R3 ThinkR-open/shinipsum Lorem-Ipsum-like Helpers for fast Shiny Prototyping
JavaScript3 xuhoutu/Demo_AntdAdmin 基于dva框架的用戶登錄系統(轉載至此處,原作者非本人,我只是代碼的搬運工)
C#3 davidrevoledo/EntityFrameworkCore.AutoLoad Auto Load Configurations for EntityFrameworkCore
Java3 rcj60560/wanandroid wanandroid app
Python3 thebooort/math-books A recopilation of accesible math-related books
JavaScript3 StaceyWhitmore/higher-order-components A collection of Higher Order Components (HOCs) for reuse in creating other components.
Python3 liuhuanyong/CCL2018Summary self summary after attending CCL2018 (全國計算語言學學術會議), CCL2018參會總結,包括會議論文下載腳本,會議前言技術報告下載,以及個人的一點總結.
OCaml3 Astrocoders/bs-react-feather Reason bindings for react-feather
Jupyter Notebook3 JanJetze/UVA_AML18 Applied Machine Learning 2018
Python3 boranx/index-checker index validator that validates the index within the given time range and document count
JavaScript3 cao-sir/nempack Package the web folder for your Java project
CMake3 F8LEFT/AndDbg A plugin for IDA to debug with lldb.
JavaScript3 rodrigofragadf/lovelace-cards Cards for Lovelace
Shell2 vpopovyc/symbolicate_crash tiny bash script to symbolicate iOS crash logs
JavaScript2 thiagozulato/microfrontend Micro-FrontEnd sample
CSS2 wesbos/Syntax-Live Live Syntax?!
Python2 javierdarksoul/Encoder-decoder-with-wavelets Encoder/decoder with wavelets transform and Huffman
Objective-C2 japho/6RoomsDemo a demo of 6Rooms
Go2 pathawee/go-clean-architecture-demo GO, GORM, Migrations, Clean architecture, Docker
JavaScript2 i18next/omi-i18n omi-i18n solution for omi.js using i18next ecosystem
Shell2 jetsonhacks/installROSXavier Install Robot Operating System (ROS) on the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit
JavaScript2 shaunwarman/smart-queue A priority queue with configurable retry and concurrency
Dart2 dartfulio/jet Lightweight framework for building performant and scalable web applications.
HTML2 david-cooke/cultoflyne.com Words cannot describe this masterpiece
JavaScript2 BrowseHandsfree/handsfreeJS A library for creating head-controlled, handsfree user interfaces via computer vision just...like...?...that!
Python2 shibing624/beauty-server flask server for image show
HTML2 bcoe/node-coverage-debug demonstrate issues we're bumping into instrumenting Node.js' test suite for coverage
Python2 IMTtugraz/MBPQ A framework for T1 quantification from variable flip angle and inversion recovery Look-Locker data
Vue2 TendernessPP/Vue2.0 vue2.0仿餓了嗎spa單頁面webapp
Kotlin2 misyobun/StickableRowHeader it sticks like to be UITableView Section.
Python2 shubhamrsangle/Codechef-Ranklist-Scrapping This is just for top 1000 rank on codechef. This is working in my pc because they are showing 500 ranks per page. You check yours. You need to install selenium, chromedriver, python3 to run this code.
Python2 RTBHOUSE/big-bang-py Opinionated best practices, scripts & configs to template your next Python project ???
Java2 thedavdo/comrades-gui-prototype Team Project Fall 2018 CNIT 325
Go2 kico0909/Cgo 一個用于測試和學習的web框架
Java2 mullerhai/mysql-modeldb mysql database for ml modeldb
Jupyter Notebook2 dot-layer/ml-quebec-hands-on-text-classification ML Quebec Hands On Text Classification Using Neural Networks
C2 yanbober/android-7zip 一個使用 C 語言 Native 實現的 android 7zip 壓縮解壓迷你庫.
Objective-C2 xuvw/MXADS 開屏廣告模塊,完善中,后續會加入打開、關閉自定義動畫等,目前支持多級window展示ads,具體見Demo
JavaScript2 lukestokes/eos-playground A place to stash some eos related code and scripts I'm playing with
JavaScript2 siddharthkp/regithub Playground to perform my React experiments
C#2 roboter/pulse Pulse is an application that automatically changes your wallpaper by downloading images from the Internet. You choose the search options.
Python2 Erickrus/textqr using terminal to display qrcode (or other image) in text mode
JavaScript2 axuan2015/Hud_React_Native Hud_React_Native
PHP2 ZigZagK/typecho-theme-MDUI2333 基于MDUI制作的typecho主題
Swift2 HCI-UF/HCI Calendar App Project
HTML2 nss-day-cohort-28/book-3-welcome-to-nashville-the-super-tiny-giraffes book-3-welcome-to-nashville-the-super-tiny-giraffes created by GitHub Classroom
C++2 destroyedprawn/walmart-greeters Walmart Greeters Whack-A-Mole
C++2 fleupold/pepper_solidity_export Script to export zkSnark proofs generated with pepper into solidity smart contracts.
JavaScript2 UniqueType/vue-xiaomi-master vue + webpack + mint-ui 仿小米手機官網 仿仿仿
C#2 RMSteenwijk/Lightingbot.TK.API A C# Api Wrapper for Lightingbot.TK.API
HTML2 Mahfuzhasan/Dental-Chamber-Assistant ● A web based system to automate patient appointment management and prescription generation. ● Patient History Management ● Appointment confirmation/change notification ● Appointment reminder notification ● Background task scheduling for intensive tasks using celerey ● Technology: Django, Celery, Redis, Postgresql
C++2 nukeykt/Rednukem Redneck Rampage & Duke Nukem 3D port
Java2 taiji-zwfw/taiji-components-v2 V2組件包
Python2 ilkermanap/python-notlari Python notlari. Python notes in turkish.
CSS2 skasurck/Canalava2 Nueva pagina de canalava con boostrap 4
Dockerfile2 agilestacks/toolbox Toolbox Docker image
JavaScript2 KnzkDev/react-native-knzkapp WIP
Groovy2 rundeck-plugins/multiline-regex-datacapture-filter Captures Multiline Regex Key/Value data using a simple text format from a regular expression
Java2 CTU-ITClub/ITC-Award-2018-Robocode ITC Award 2018: Robocode
JavaScript2 smartprix/babel-changed Only compile changed files with babel
Kotlin2 uzzu/practice-kotlin-dsl Practice of Gradle Kotlin DSL
Dart2 supratikkoley/LoginPage_with_flutter It is an ordinary login page for android made up with flutter
Dart2 ApolloTVofficial/kamino The official Kamino (iOS and Android app) repository for ApolloTV.
Python2 carVer1900/Alipay zhifubao api developing
Python2 rohitcrrm/NQueens NQueens problem solved in Python using BackTracking and Branch and Bound
Shell2 eBay/ebashlib A bash script battery which gathers several generic helper scripts for other repositories.
Jupyter Notebook2 fangohr/talk-pyconde-2018 Support material for presentation 25 October 2018 at PyConDE
C#2 sverdegd/FastGizmosUnity Set of gizmos utilities for Unity
Objective-C2 PggMan/PGChinaMap "中國地圖繪制"
Java2 StaceyWhitmore/compute-fibonacci Fibonacci sequence implemented in Java and JavaScript
Jupyter Notebook2 jetesdal/ecco_budg_anom Anomaly budget analysis with ECCO
Go2 HotelsDotCom/aws-adfs-login Library for user login (client side) using AWS ADFS (Active Directory Federation Service)
JavaScript2 b-mueller/sabre Security Verification Tool for Solidity Code
Python2 shadowcypher/VINLookup Takes in license plate + state in order to generate VIN info.
Rust2 arvancloud/libinjection-rs Rust bindings for libinjection
HTML2 mustafamuratcoskun/sifirdan-javascript-kursu Udemy üzerinde Javascript kursunda kullan?lan projeler
C++2 shubhank-saxena/braille-kindle Preparation for HashHacks
C#2 DLPUIT/091CS_HuanQi_CourseDemo_2019 這里包含了工業大學技術實踐 2019 小組課程的示例程序(齊歡學長的示例程序)
Go2 shihuimiao/small_talk Small chat room
HTML2 SuyashSonawane/spectrum.pccoe A website for pccoe event
Python2 hit2hat/kitten_lang :octocat: Фреймворк для создания собственных языков программирования
Python2 baranbaris/modeling_brain_networks implementation of the paper 'Modeling Brain Networks with Artificial Neural Networks'
JavaScript2 egoisticmanas/visualizing_algorithms Use p5.js to provide a visual of all kinds of sorting algorithms in numerous ways
JavaScript2 taskworld/circleci-trigger Simple script to trigger a CircleCI build
JavaScript2 binodnp/solidoc-js Solidity Documentation Generator
C2 buckh/nxftp NXftp is an X/Motif wrapper around the ftp command line that I wrote in 1993.
Python1 siyangyuandegit/second 這是第二個項目
Python1 travis-west/tulsafd24 Google Map the calls the Tulsa Fire Department has responded to in the past 24 hours
C++1 prateeksingh0001/BIgInt My implementation of a big integer class in C++
CSS1 DaanWeijers/CSSGridSys A simple, pure–CSS grid–system based on CSS–grid
JavaScript1 MrRENGE/vuesubject Projects built with Vue are only used for learning.
Python1 hardo01/Kaust1 Lühikirjeldus 1
PHP1 vanjura/cond_api API
JavaScript1 JamesKyburz/dev-sqs development sqs server
C#1 Christajew/Agarest-New New Version of Agarest
Python1 Alexmod/FoodOptionKV FoodOptionKv
Go1 jasnature/golangProject golangProject
Java1 microbean/microbean-helidon-webserver-cdi Embeds the Helidon WebServer in CDI.
Assembly1 Pradyuman7/AssemblyGames These are the games I made in x86-64 Assembly (Intel) during my Bachelor's course, Computer Organisation at TU Delft, just for fun.
HTML1 oceanMin/45-Useful-JavaScript-Tips-Tricks-and-Best-Practices 45 Useful JavaScript Tips, Tricks and Best Practices
Go1 saberrey/PBFT_Algorand PBFT_Algorand
Python1 linsu07/RelationExtraction a high performance tensorflow version for relation extraction of named entity
C1 ehsaneam/ioctl-bash-command bash command to simplify ioctl command
C#1 BatLine/ServerClient-Communication A basic Server-Client Communication
PHP1 satyakresna/laravel-basic Learning What I Need in Laravel.
JavaScript1 AppGeo/browserlist-service Test a user agent string against a list of browser targets and see if it matches.
Java1 jnp2018/exam-NHOM1-NBTL4-VuongTruongHieu exam-ltm-nhom1-nbtl4-vuongtruonghieu created by GitHub Classroom
JavaScript1 ayostudio/studio Simple Studio site made with next.js
Dart1 Tkko/Flutter_PinPut PIN input field widget for flutter
JavaScript1 nss-day-cohort-28/book-3-welcome-to-nashville-fetching book-3-welcome-to-nashville-fetching created by GitHub Classroom
HTML1 hanaonnao/Lilium_speciosum 色色茄子
JavaScript1 alex47/KDE-Rubberband-Maximize-Animation Window maximize/restore animation similar to Windows 10
HTML1 IdiomaKids/IdiomaKids Aplicación IdiomaKids
PHP1 ultrafastmidgetspinner/uconomytools This is a Uconomy and Uconomyitemshop tool for your users to be able to login using steam ona website to get their balance and items they can afford and that are available in your /buy store
JavaScript1 tarsiusid/janus-room :telephone:
Python1 manito969/Platzi Proyectos platzi
JavaScript1 4face-studi0/KTmdb A Kotlin multiplatform library for work with Tmdb API's
C#1 vbhayden/unity-xapi-wrapper Library for interacting with an LRS from within a Unity project.
JavaScript1 kepha/eres2018 Demo using serverless framework
C++1 w158rk/js_gc js引擎 垃圾回收
Python1 noah7545/GaiaProject Astro project to analyze Gaia data
C1 videolan/dav1d a read-only mirror of dav1d source code repository. The origin is at https://code.videolan.org/videolan/dav1d/
PowerShell1 johnmccrae/public random public things I want to share
JavaScript1 duanhaowei/pc pc frontside demo
PHP1 LordDashMe/wordpress-scaffolding :building_construction: :construction: :construction_worker: A kick starter project structure for wordpress.
HTML1 TSHS/App imakewemake tshs
C#1 FeltoJr/ChildrensCardGame Slightly more interesting than WatchingPaintDry
Kotlin1 soufian2017/ScorpioClubApplication Welcome to SCORPIO IT Security Club of University of Tlemcen
Shell1 bayko/pi-hole-server-sync Bash script to push Pi-hole configuration files to a secondary Pi-hole server for redundancy
C++1 dennisfundi5/arduino-GSM-based-burger-alarm alarm that can send one message on pressing of a button at the gate using a buzzer
JavaScript1 anishmprasad/text-to-speech Text to Speech by visual characters
JavaScript1 thebarty/gatsby-plugin-analytics-without-segment A Gatsby plugin to use Segments open-source analytics library (analytics.js) WITHOUT using the paid Segment service (segment.com).
TypeScript1 epinxteren/ts-eventsourcing Infrastructure and testing helpers for creating CQRS and event sourced applications.
Elixir1 ValdesChe/cards_game_with_Elixir A simple introduction card game in console using Elixir functional programming language.
C++1 mgavin/SI-App-For-Canvas An app for the Canvas LMS for SI
Python1 armandossrecife/machinelearning Projeto da Disciplina de Aprendizagem de Máquina
C#1 sotanmochi/PatchMatch-Unity GPU implementation of Patch Match in Unity using Compute Shader
Vue1 obstudio/obui A vue ui toolkit making everything obvious
Java1 qianhongtang/aliyun-domain-ddns DDNS 通過阿里云域名動態解析IP地址 基于java spring boot 開發的阿里云動態域名更新程序
PHP1 Setasign/phpcs-teamcity-report A phpcs reporter for teamcity using the Inspection service messages
C#1 tcartwright/SqlServer.Rules SQL Server static code analysis rules for SSDT database projects
ActionScript1 discoli/bonk-wrapper Interact with the bonk.io protocol using my library.
Python1 Raikhen/triangulos-adultos Acá Marto y yo vamos a pensar giladas relacionadas a la creación más flashera de Pascal.
Python1 Stronking/ERP-Manager 基于Django實現的ERP系統
Java1 StaticWalk/intelligent-paper-search SpringBoot + Neo4j + Spark樸素貝葉斯分類器實現石油相關論文的智能分析問答系統
C++1 aaryamNUS/Competitive-Programming-Questions-and-Cheatsheets A collection of cheatsheets, kattis problem solutions and interesting algorithms designs collated as part of our competitive programming course.
Go1 rogpeppe/genericdemo Some ideas about how generic code might be generated for Go
Vue1 iamcarrico/resume A small Vue-generated static page for my resume.
Java1 clayx/AndroidCheckStyle it‘s android CheckStyle ,you can use it in order to make your code prefect.
Visual Basic1 sethfoxen/maxcsoGUI A simple GUI for maxcso.
TypeScript1 brendan-ssw/firebootcamp-ng-sydney-201810 course code developed during the 2 day angular workshop
JavaScript1 mywebtest/lavas-app this is a lavas app project
C++1 amin07/KinectDataAcquisition A simple visual studio solution project for skeletal data collection from Microsoft Kinect sensor version 2
PHP1 ABOYASSIN/jabal.github.io jabal source
Go1 OMGZui/gin-demo 使用gin重寫PJ Blog 接口示例
Java1 hymbasy/spring-dubbo-demo spring集成mybatis 和dubbo
HTML1 wait-matsu/olab-tool 大谷研適性検査ツール
Python1 ggaemo/gait gait analysis
Python1 TheOneAboveAllTitan/geet Spoof of git
Python1 ThinkBigEg/influxDB-grafana-gke In this tutorial we explain how to get real time analytics of energy produced and consumed from two solar stations simulators using influxDB together with grafana hosted on the kubernetes engine of google
JavaScript1 tfzh/exportExcel a class to export table data to Excel
C++1 madcowken/ArduinoBot Arduino Bot framework to make parts modular
Kotlin1 Karumi/HotSwitchLocalizationTest Android app implemented to show how to change the language and country used by our apps in runtime without restarting thea app. This only works for API >= 17. For API < 17 the localization change is not applied.
TypeScript1 Fresiamay17/Google-API This is a demo app using Google API in Angular 6
Python1 akpalmar/repositoorium repositeeritav.
JavaScript1 endormi/node.js simple node.js files, using cmd and powershell inside visual studio code to run the code.
Shell1 rajesh-situ/Build-iOS-App Building an iOS App Without Xcode's Build System
C++1 Plan-B6/kingfisher UCI chess engine written in C++
Python1 johntd54/dawnet Inquire intelligence
CSS1 AmirKhadangi920/Teachmarket Teachmarket Template
CSS1 wsyxl365/mt-app Vue全家桶+SSR+Koa2全棧開發美團網
Python1 JefferssonAbreu/TkinterProjects Random python tkinter windows example.
Python1 trevenen/flask-crunchy A fun Flask based API with Celery, Mongo, Spinx and Redis
Objective-C1 CodeWicky/Learning-OpenGL 從零開始學習OpenGL
JavaScript1 haikelfazzani/Typing-Game Typing Speed Test
Python1 shakercodingclub/basic-reddit-bot Basic Reddit Bot to be demoed at the 10/24/2018 Coding Club Meeting.
HTML1 kubernetes-sapporo-for-beginners/community Kubernetes Sapporo for Beginners Comunity Repository
CSS1 yoet92/indexfull Index de Apache con ESTILO Personalizado
Scala1 SaurabhTotey/Project-Euler My final repository for Project Euler. Settled on using Scala due to its ease of use.
Python1 3xp10it/stockbook 豆瓣經典證券書籍收錄并排名
PureScript1 justinwoo/purescript-sijidou A library for matching a string into a record of functions of statically known Symbol proxies.
JavaScript1 boboben1/typescript-skeleton Skeleton for typescript project. Includes babel, gulp, typescript with regenerator support, parcel, and default settings
Java1 PrimarySS/springmvc_mybatis SpringMVC和Mybatis整合(前端控制器、處理器映射器、處理器適配器、視圖解析器學習)
Python1 JRThurman01/AllocationGridGenerator A tool to complete a grid search of parameters when the sum of all parameters is fixed
C1 otyne/CPool_evalexpr Make multiple calculs
Jupyter Notebook1 yingqiuz/mouse_gene extract mouse gene maps from Allen Mouse Brain Atlas according to structure
HTML1 m-onz/beaker-api-experiments experiments with the beaker api
PHP1 WellGerman/dynamic-css-php-poo Dynamic CSS PHP poo
CSS1 FMCampana/VermontSkiTours.github.io Current Version of Vermont Ski Tours Website
JavaScript1 ChinaGrayMan/PakeServer-master 派客
Kotlin1 lwd1815/ITKotlin kotlin+mvp
Python1 DoubleMice/cve-2018-0684 cve-2018-0684 poc
ShaderLab1 alelievr/ShaderSourceExtractor Unity shader source extractor
JavaScript1 notes-app/src notes-app.github.io website source
Python1 lyh983012/PycharmProjects realrealrea
PHP1 AchoArnold/laravel-starter-project [WORK IN PROGRESS] My Personal Skeleton for Laravel Projects
CSS1 1123416584/app-files H5-App文件管理器
C#1 rogierpennink/Stringy A simple and light-weight runtime string template engine
Java1 taiji-zwfw/taiji-apps-example 案例工程
C1 thee-engineer/reverse-polish-machine A reverse polish logic machine in C
C++1 JavaScriptProger/C-Stack Home Work
Python1 mrigankpawagi/new-repository GCI Task - "Setup Git and a GitHub account - JBoss Community"
PHP1 ivanhorvat1/contact-package This will send email to admin and save contact query in database
C#1 JIALANT/SimpleMDIExample 學習ing...
HTML1 abonello/The-Monstars Halloween Hackathon October 2018
Python1 truedl/talkingpy Give questions/ talk and get answers with this libary!
Python1 benkerd22/JpLearn A small site for learning japanese words
Shell1 mitchellurgero/BashScripts Collection of bash scripts I have made for situations that I need them for, some you might find useful.
PHP1 iboldurev/git-test-project This is test repository of my git flow
JavaScript1 tkellen/request-list List all HTTP requests made while loading a given page.
CSS1 ngduc/ez-formik Easy-to-use components to use with formik - hence the name ez-formik.
JavaScript1 jaycethanks/jaycethanks.github.io 這是博客項目
Java1 yangxuechen/ssh-learning-example javaWeb的ssh框架入門
JavaScript1 alexlondon07/Taller1 Taller 1 React Native CEDESISTEMAS
Jupyter Notebook1 EarthByte/UW2-tests-and-benchmarks A place to store tests and benchmarks of Underworld2. This will help identify and disseminate good practices for complex models.
Shell1 younglim/barebones-device-farm A barebones android device farm for controlling android devices via the web browser.
JavaScript1 GirthTanin/Subject-YouTube-MDBReact version 2
Java1 jinminer/design-patterns 設計模式
Python1 guoxixu/1024 1024 Picture
Dart1 andytwoods/sign_image graffiti images
C++1 dominhhai/CppDesignPatterns Design Patterns implement with C++
Rust1 museun/rcc perhaps a C to AMD64 asm compiler
C#1 shh12580/UnityLogSearch Unity Console Log Search
Java1 duanxq1994/springboot-mybatis-demo springboot-mybatis-demo
Java1 Johnson-k/gof23 一些關于Java的測試
C++1 BKhalil85/SMathEngine A simple maths library
Shell1 rioastamal/quran-json Al-Quran dan terjemahan dalam bentuk file JSON
Java1 dingyuanzheng/TestHomework 作業原生重構調研demo
JavaScript1 officialanurag/anu-mongo-node Library for mongoDB operations supported in nodejs.
Python1 haoxintong/Ringloss-Gluon A Gluon implementation of the ring loss [1803.00130]
HTML1 Tianweidadada/SXUSecondPlatform 一個簡單的前后端結合的項目
Java1 mythio/ChatApp Chat App in Android
Kotlin1 DevOps-Utrecht/EventsAppAndroid Android app for events
Python1 hseling/hseling-api-template HSE Linguistics API Template
C1 qaute/zeitgeist Files for the Zeitgeist grocery cart robot.
Objective-C1 HybridAlpaca/Alloy Modular C++ framework for game development.
Vue1 Jokeby/dahuiyuan dahuiyuan fontEnd
HTML1 midcoastgirlswhocode/midcoastgirlswhocode.github.io Recipe Website
HTML1 fanyuedong/pxToVw 移動端適配方案
Python1 kochie/pymodelling A collection of mathematical modelling tools.
Python1 samhalpert/dc-court-collector A tool for turning the District of Columbia's eAccess Court Portal's pages into a collection of data that can be queried and studied.
Python1 CptSpookz/LPB Compilador da Linguagem de Descri??o de Plantas Baixas
Java1 mahfuz-omi/DemoBlockChain This is my very first BlockChain Code
JavaScript1 lynnwenhan/yolly-to 這是我第一個庫
HTML1 AlbertAlanHolmes/WebServer Java服務器,實現客戶端、服務端 網絡通訊,熟悉知識。
Swift1 omrobbie/ios-circle-progress-bar It's a simple progress bar using outline of circle. Cobain deh!
Java1 MRYangY/AudioEncode Android AudioRecorder + AudioEncode
FreeMarker1 msayan/kotlin-mvvm-activity-template Android Studio template for Kotlin with MVVM and has options for AndroidX and GM MVVM Starter
Python1 guaik/GuaikInstaller CentOS7常用服務一鍵安裝腳本
TypeScript1 agusprasetyo1/Angular-task :notebook: Angular 4 task
C#1 944095635/DMSkin-Soft-Hide 隱藏軟件&游戲的界面&任務欄圖標&支持熱鍵
Java1 jinglm134/lotteryanalysis lotteryanalysis
Verilog1 FrancoisRem/SpaceInvadersElec Projet d'Electronique Mines 2018
C++1 rock-core/tools-pocolog2msgpack Logfile converter from Rock's pocolog format to MessagePack.
Rust1 copterust/vl53l0x vl53l0x
Python1 CartoDB/carto-print A Python module to export images at any resolution, size and bounding box from a CARTO named map:
C#1 sizingservers/vApus part of vApus stress testing suite - web stress testing comparable to Apache JMeter
C1 Nuvoton-Israel/uart-update-tool UUT - Uart Update Tool
Swift1 dwewill/leetCode solve of leetcode's Problem
Makefile1 dhlavac/TPJ-projekt Project for subject TPJ
Haskell1 adomokos/roman-numerals-hs Roman Numerals Kata in Haskell with Hspec and QuickCheck
Python1 nclaes/compose A cross-platform and verification-aware genomic assembler using OpenCL
JavaScript1 BbC1314/takeOutWeapp 外賣小程序 (含商家版和騎手版)
Python1 simp37/accountancy-management Python implementation of a simple salary management system.
JavaScript1 GoonsApp/goons A Something Awful forum browser for Linux desktops
Swift1 BaHui/BHSwifter A project of swift study !
Python1 Hifinancial/indiegogoSpider crawl indiegogo's information, and save to MongoDB.
JavaScript1 Exulansis/web3_snippets Snippets and resources for following along during the web3 workshop.
Python1 Maninae/temporal-236 Stanford CS 236 Autumn 18-19 project, temporal super-resolution for video data with GANs.
Java1 bingoohuang/ceping-api ceping api
C++1 liushuchun/taoist for fun
CSS1 cedpoilly/3d-layered-image 3D layered image effect on hover, inspired by this video from Online Tutorials (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WF68FcI21es).
Batchfile1 peeweek/VisualEffectGraph-EasySetup Unity project with automated setup and update for using the VisualEffectGraph from the GitHub repository
JavaScript1 Lenic/react-auth-route Auth route for react router 4.
Java1 andrewfinnell/spring_security_thymeleaf Spring Web App with Session Data and Security
Java1 QiotoF/guessthetank узрите говнокод
Java1 kermitmei/mams Menu Authority Management System(菜單權限管理系統)
TypeScript1 bermudezcristian/tsi-frontend-stores tsi-frontend-stores
HTML1 NYUMLClub/NYU-MLClub.github.io The Official Website for the New York University Machine Learning Club.
JavaScript1 z825316969/data-tab 小程序簡單的日期篩選插件,選中日期時會返回所選日期
JavaScript1 betaquick/paystack PayStack API
PHP1 codebyray/laravel-review-rateable Review & Rating System For Lavavel 5
Ruby1 dillondrenzek/rainier A blog for Rainier
JavaScript1 nishant1596/task-list This is the crud application which does not involve update thing. Also it does not take descriptions. This is a very basic project to understand the "LocalStorage" in browser. This i useful for the applications where you don't want to login. It invloves Html, Css and Materialize-CSS framework. In its version, i will put an option to sync your data to database (firebase with Node.js)
C++1 Nuvoton-Israel/sign-it SignIt: a wrapper tool for OpenSSL
C1 zhangz-leo/redis_annotation_zh Redis5.0的中文源碼注釋
Jupyter Notebook1 wuyujack/EECS475-Machine_Learning_Foundation_Application_Algorithm A machine Learning course taking in Northwestern University during my master degree study.
Python1 Kim-Young-Gon/py-search-restapi Elasticsearch + Flask RESTful ??
JavaScript1 vbhayden/kafka-lrs-examples Simple single-broker Kafka instance deployed with Docker alongside an LRS proxy service and a simple web page that uses WebSockets for in-browser Kafka subscription.
R1 mstrimas/timethis Modify function calls to capture execution time
PHP1 num-num/ubl-invoice PHP tools to create an UBL invoice
JavaScript1 10Pines/aconcagua-js Measure and Units model for Javascript
Shell1 2mt-software-solutions/minetest-tinker Our first steps into OSS and modding for minetest.
JavaScript1 joshuaaguilar20/ClientSideXHRSpeedTest XHR request to check download times from specific server
JavaScript1 rstacruz/ink-align Align CLI text using Ink components
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